Mundo Churrasco is the ultimate meat lovers destination with 15 varieties of deliciously BBQ’d meats cooked over an open flame.  The concept of a Churrasco is still quite new to the Australian public but we are happy to answer any questions.  If after reading this page your question is still not answered give us a call at 07 3369 1660 and we will happily answer your question for you.

How does a Churrasco Work?
After being seated, our waiters will introduce you to the concept of a Churrasco and ask if there are any dietary requirements or food allergies.

Your first round of sides (included with the churrasco) will be brought to your table

After receiving your sides – the fun begins.  Our carvers will come around every 5 minutes or so with a total of 15 varieties of meats on a skewer, grilled pineapple, grilled veggies and crumbed banana.  There will be tongs available on the table for you to grab the meat as he carves it for you. Watch THIS video to get an idea of what the experience is like.

Our friendly wait staff will come by your table for any drink orders or requests.  Remember that if there is any particular meat that tickles your fancy, let us know and we will happily bring more out for you.

Dine until your hearts content…or till your stomach is full.

Please dine responsibly.  Mundo Churrasco provides a unique service to the public’s dining experience. We graciously remind all customers that this type of service is a luxury- please be conscious of the wastage that can be produced by eating what you can and not how much you THINK you can.

Is it BYO?
We are a fully licensed venue with a great selection of wines, beers and cocktails.  Click HERE for our drinks menu.

Are you family/child friendly?
ABSOLUTELY!  Mundo Churrasco is the perfect destination for celebrating special events – weddings, birthdays, graduations – or just for catching up with friends and family.  We are able to accommodate large groups.

A message to parents –  please ensure your children’s safety by keeping them seated during service.  Our carvers will be walking around with large knives and may not be able to see them.

Do I have to make a reservation?
Bookings are essential to keep the flow of our service.  Booking a table in advance will ensure timely service for you and your guests.

Whats included with my meal?
15 varieties of meat, grilled veggies, grilled pineapple, crumbed banana, and six sides placed on the table to share.

What about vegetarians?
BRING THEM WITH YOU!  Our chefs create a selection of amazing vegetarian options every week.

Do you have parking available?
We have two parking garages to the left and right of the restaurant.  Follow the driveways down and park in any available spot.